Siuakustik 13/3M Used in The University of Hong Kong

十二月 06, 2014
HKU Lecture Theatre Refurbishments 2014

Siuakustik Type 13/3M, 18mm ECO MDF with Maple Melamine used in Lecture Theatre refurbishments at The University of Hong Kong, three phase in 1150 Sq.m, photos by Mr.Wan who work for this project.

The learning environment services team of HKU had an extremely busy summer this year managing a range of projects to improve the central teaching and learning environments in time for the new academic year. The largest project was that to completely strip out and refurbish 8 traditional style lecture theatres located in Chong Yuet Ming(4), KK Leung(1), Library Extension(1) and Chow Yei Ching(2) Builkings. The aim of the project was to provide good, comfortable environments with high quality audio and projection facilities in the traditional lecture environment in all of the rooms, Siuakustik Type 13/3M as basically universal patt panel with good acoustic absorption used in refurbish these traditional lecture theatres on wall.

Lecture Theater CBC in Chow Yei Ching Building:
Before Refurbishments
After Refurbishments
Siuakustik HKU Project Details:

Project: Lecture Theatres at The University of Hong Kong
Specification: Siuakustik Type 13/3M, 18mm ECO MDF E1
Surface: S14042 Maple Melamine matt
Year: 2014
Quantity: 1150Sq.m