Installation Manual

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1st Step: Before the installation of the operable wall, you have to check the following:

1. Goods have not been damaged during transportation;
2. Site is according to drawings;
3. Goods are according to drawings.

2nd Step: Track system:

1. To check the track parts assemble the track on the floor in the order as shown in drawings;
2. Mark track lines and placing of brackets on the fixing base;
3. Install track brackets to ceiling;
4. Check that there are sliding nuts enough in track;
5. Lift track to brackets beginning from storage area;
6. The up past M10 nut of brackets have to be loose so that bracket plates can be moved to their places.
7. Before final adjustment and the installation of main track make sure by measuring the proper place for storage tracks. Intersection places very important and the start line for main track.
8. After storage track install escapement track (if not otherwise required)

3rd Step: Installation of escapement track:

1. Escapement track can be removed without rebuilding suspended ceiling when panels are hung on track;
2. For escapement track there are special brackets track joints.

4th Step: Installation of main track:

Install the track on its whole length before you start to adjust the right and accurate level

5th Step: Track adjustment:

1. Make sure that M10 nuts above bracket plates of all brackets are loose enough;
2. Tighten all track joints, also bracket plates against track;
3. Adjust the track to right height horizontally. Track has to be straight also in transverse direction;
4. Tighten nuts above bracket plates making sure track stays straight;
5. After track installation, install plates and mineral wools required for sound insulation according to separate plan of job;
6. Possible drop head, box, L and T trims have been cut to sizes at factory and they have been marked with numbers to indicate their placing.

6th Step: Installation of operable wall panels:

1. Open escapement track;
2. Lift panels to track, make sure that panels are in right order;
3. After all panels are on track in right order fix escapement track move panels to close operable wall and make sure that panel joints fit well against each other. If not,before adjusting carrier height,check once more straightness of track;
4. If joints do not fit though all panels hang vertically in line, make sure that aluminum frame edge going into vertical rubber seal is not damaged and bent (if it is straighten it);
5. If track is horizontally even but panel hangs tilted, carrier height has to be adjusted. This can be done also without opening track escapement as follows: undo lower nut that is against threaded socket of carrier. Panel has to be lifted at the same time as carrier adjustment is being done;
6. Upper nut of carrier: clockwise = panel raises, anti-clockwise = panel sinks;
7. Make sure that height is right. Tighten lower nut against threaded socket of carrier. When panels and track have been adjusted to fill in opening well, adjust width of jamb profile.

If you have any problems of installing operable walls, please contact Siuakustik Movable Wall Team as soon as possible !