The Village Studios in Guangzhou

十一月 28, 2010
“I have many plans for the future, including a mastering studio and a professional recording school for training young people…Our studios were not only designed to be spacious enough to keep our clients comfortable, but also to accommodate professional recording studio classes.”

Hins Cheung is a Chinese Cantopop singer and songwriter in Hong Kong. He was born and grew up in Guangzhou and he has a desire to return to his hometown of Guangzhou and live there, The Village Studios was born from a desire to create not just a state of the art workplace but somewhere to facilitate his plans for the future.

The studio designed by Walters-Storyk Design Group(WSDG)), which has been creating world-class audiovisual production facilities across the world for the past 40 years and was brought in as architectural and coustic designers. The Village Studios exemplifies the unique synthesis of several of its international offices, the prodject’s efforts were initially led by WSDG principal John Storyk and required highly sophisticated analysis and auralization. Complex site lines between the orchestra sized live and dual control rooms, coupled with the double height ceiling and, the higher than average reverb time typically associated with China’s idiosyncratic music style, presented extremely interesting design challenges. To resolve these issues WSDG engaged a number of elegant, variable acoustic solutions including custom curtains and multi-format diffusion panels. WSDG also provided detailed construction documents, project construction administration and final studio commissioning/tuning for the complex. “To bring a project of this size and sophistication to reality on the other side of the world was a formidable challenge,” John Storyk remarked. “It was an honor to work with Hins and his team.”Mr.Shum leading Siuakustik worked with John Storyk team for Hins Cheung’s studio in 2009-2010.

“This project was an extremely ambitious undertaking,” Beth Walters says. “China is expanding its international presence in virtually every area of art and industry. Village Studios sends a clear message that a new ‘destination recording studio’ has arrived.”

“John Storyk made his initial visit to the site in early 2009,” reports Project Manager Joshua Morris.

“We began preliminary design work soon after he returned. Our US -based senior PM, Romina Larregina led the team that developed all designs and documentation. She also coordinated building permits and other pre-construction details with the local architect, engineering and construction teams. I completed the design and construction documents and made my first site visit in Sept.2009,” Morris said. While reviewing on site work, discussing technical issues and inspecting acoustic treatments and building materials, Morris was pleased to find a high level of construction and technical expertise among the local Chinese contractors, and technicians. “It is safe to say that this level of acoustic detail was a challenge for the construction team in China – a challenge that was successfully met. Wherever possible, local materials were used, although studio specialty items such as room isolation devices and acoustic doors were either directly imported or licensed for Europe and the USA.” Morris adds.” Visit project page on WSDG